Launch Management

Project Management: Whether it’s a team of one or a team of 20 (or more), you need someone that is willing to take the lead and oversee all of the moving parts of an implementation. Are you taking a new product to market, offering a new service, deploying a new system? No matter what the goal, it is imperative that you monitor all phases of your project. From idea to implementation, we have you covered! We will identify the tasks necessary, develop a timeline, identify resources, develop supportive documentation and keep you apprised of the progress. We will work with other team members, vendors, business partners and others that are identified to be valuable resources to have a successful implementation.

Contract and Vendor Management: So you have signed your contract and you are excited to get started on your endeavor. Who is fielding questions and issues that may arise from your contract or your vendor? Who is monitoring that milestones and deliverables match up with your contract? Who is keeping track of what the vendor has or has not provided? You don’t have to take this on yourself, you can let us monitor those contracts and vendors. Take he burden of worrying whether or not things are being delivered and contracts are being followed.

Team Management: Do you have a team of office personnel, virtual assistants, sales personnel or other groups of individuals that may need a “go to” person and you don’t have time to be that person? Let us step in and provide that buffer between you and your teams. We can oversee what they are working on, address any issues that arise that may not need to be escalated to your level. How great would it be to throw us your idea and let us work with the appropriate team or individual to work through what has to be done so you don’t have to worry about all the loose ends?messaging, and a number of other communication methods.

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