Karen has been working on my team for a few months now. She is great! She is very responsive and ready to take on anything I throw at her! She is always eager to take on more if needed. She is a real team player and I am honored to have her a part of my team! – Paige

Karen worked for me when I was a chief operating officer and head of strategy of an international public technology company.  Karen functioned essentially like the head of administrative operations for our US-based holding company, which included both US and foreign employees.  She expertly dealt with complex administrative issues, such as working with our PEO agent to establish our PEO platform, the onboarding of new employees and contractors, and keeping track of and settling our fees with service providers; she also handled my personal scheduling .  She exhibited strong attention to detail,  proactive and independent problem-solving skills, intelligence and a positive and kind manner.  I would be very pleased to enthusiastially recommend Karen for administrative and operations-focused jobs and tasks. ~ Marianna

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